Friday, March 28, 2008

Medieval Madness

Remember Dungeons and Dragons? Did you play online as a kid? No? Well, some folks must have because they have brought their imaginations to Second Life, and set up several Medieval themed worlds. Ready to enter one? tighten your seatbelt and we will Teleport ("tp" in SL parlance) over to the village of Bramdeane. First stop? Why to get some armor, and a snazzy outfit for Chip.

Francesco is the proprietor here, and the designer/creator of these lovely outfits. Ladies why look for a knight in shining armor, when you can be one yourself? Like Chip this is all attached to my avatars body, and includes a lance, shield and helmet, which I'll eschew for the time being. Not planning to joust anyone just yet! BUT- If I did, right around the corner are the jousting lists... After some unpacking- complicated outfits like this come in "boxes" basically electronic folders that look like crates- and have to be opened so that they will store in your Inventory. All avatars have an inventory- kind of a Mini storage for all of your stuff- clothes, landmarks, scripts, notecards, etc. Mine has quickly degenerated into a mess- so time for a Spring cleaning!

Do I really need that Prince Charming outfit? Nah!

Francesco helpfully got Chip and I dressed, and told us about some other places to visit. Tp! off to Triskele- Very MacBeth! Just look at that castle!

And how about Eternity? Talk about a Middle Earth Medieval fantasy! I'm waiting for Bilbo Baggins to come by...

and the Market place has all the supplies you could ever want!

But what I really want, is a pet dragon. And I have heard of a place to hatch one! We shall try our luck with dragon husbandry in the next chapter of TWC.

Until next time- Annabelle

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