Monday, March 31, 2008

How to hatch a Drakelet- a cute pet dragon-Part 1

Hello dear reader- here is my account of the process of hatching a draklet. They are cute little buggers- cling to your shoulder, squawk like a miniature Godzilla, and breathe fire. You can see why I had to have one... Chip and I suited up in our dragon hunting armor, and headed for "Grendel's Children" where I had some sketchy info about the locations of draklet nesting places

Lovely place- kind of Fred Flintstone meets Babylon, with a little Asia Minor thrown in. Just wandering around the many levels and ramps of this place- which by the way is built on large rock cliffs that float way up yonder. Just looking over the edges of the balconies made Chip a bit queasy.

I quickly came to realize that in order to really look around, I would have to travel lighter, so I sent Chip back to the stable (my clothes closet really, he leaves horsehair all over my clothes), and went off on my own.

And eventually, while trying to climb up the rock surrounding the library buildings, I fell off and discovered a whole 'nother world under us. Starting to channel Alice in Wonderland now...

Of course since my avatar body is immortal, I picked myself up and started to fly around- looking for draklet nest locations. It was
a strange land that passed beneath my eyes.

I found the top of an old mine, and decided to investigate...

That led to old mine tunnels, and of course forks
and switchbacks, and dead ends. Eventually, I came
into a lovely underwater lake. My list of hints mentioned
this as a possible place for nests, but I never saw one.

And I forded streams, looking and looking for the draklets

As day turned to night, I met some interesting individuals.
This oyster was the first panhandler I have met in SL. He
wanted me to loan him 650 Linden, and in return would
repay me the following week with 1500 Linden. Now I had
to ask myself, would I make an unsecured loan to a mollusk?

The next day, my efforts were rewarded. I spotted my first nest- a big double one on the cliffs. Now how to hatch one of these eggs, and adopt a draklet...Stay tuned, we'll pick up the remainder of the story in the next post.. Until then, dear reader, may your searches prove successful.
Best- A

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