Sunday, September 28, 2008

A mere bagatelle, my dear

Greetings Dear Reader- A real mixed bag (or bagatelle, if you prefer)for us this week. I want to show you first, a little experiment I am doing with my class at NYU. Here in Second Life, I have made a virtual model of the same little theatre my students are building in class. As they become more adept at building, my hope is that they will come over to this part of second life, with a theater plan in mind, and use the space to plan their productions- or just hang and chat about them if they wish. I have also invited some of the folks I know in SL, who are producing theate in world, to use this facility for their meetings too.

I kept it in the "plywood" mode because I want the user to feel free to change everything- to build with an open mind- looking at the possibilites that occur as things are constructed.
So go nuts, guys! and don't forget to take your prims when you leave ;-)
OK, for those of you who don't know- SL's answer to Burning Man- know in world as "Burning Life" has started- here is a early shot, I grabbed just as the doors opened last night...Looks like fun, and Typote and I are planning an excursion over this week, so stay tuned...many more pix to come.
And finally, I leave you with some shots from Sundial, my new sim. It is a portfolio piece first, and a tree shop will be there in a few weeks. come by, bring your horse and a picnic lunch!

That's about it for this week, have fun, be safe, laugh hard...Annabelle

Monday, September 22, 2008

Tournicoton, je ne sais quoi...but I like it

Greetings Dear Readers-
Sometimes, well, the interviews just don't come together for the week, and I am left with the fall back plan...enter, the Land Mark cache-Yup, I save them- all!And this morning I was pleasantly rewarded for my packratedness...Welcome!, or should I say "Bienvenue" to Tournicoton- an elegant French Galerie d'artto, and shops for artisans.
Their current exhibits include photography, as well as sculpture and drawings, all with that standard
of elegance the French are known worldwide for.

Typote has some interesting cartoons, as well as some spiffy decor available in his booth.
Fantastic Paintings and sculptures abound,it's a visual feast from one end to the other.

And most interesting, is the display for the E-Troubadours, a traveling band of performers now currently moving through France, just as their ancestors did centuries ago (without the GPS tracking of course). A lovely idea, and fascinating project. Bravo! thanks for celebrating the creative spirit- Tournicoton.

Monday, September 15, 2008

A Tale of Two Cities...

Greetings Dear Readers-
It's been an incredibly busy week for all of us, end of the summer in our hemisphere, start of it in another. Construction everywhere, and as I promised here is an update on one, and a preview of another.
You may remember from July 28th, my visit and interview with Chenin Anabuki concerning his company Avatrian and their work for China Tracy on her new project RMB city. Well- here is the latest...I was invited over to a reception for the Yokohama Triennale and got the chance to run around with the camera, and even more excitiing a chat with China Tracy herself. Here she is in the pushcart, and that is me in the pink hair...

[2:47] Rodion Resistance: Welcome to RMB City People's Worksite! :)
[2:48] Annabelle Fanshaw: congratulations on the inception and construction here
[2:48] Annabelle Fanshaw: I wish you great success
[2:48] China Tracy: Thank you Annabelle

[2:48] China Tracy: are you from NYC?
[2:49] Annabelle Fanshaw: yes, I am
[2:49] Annabelle Fanshaw: I have seen that you were here
[2:49] Annabelle Fanshaw: with your show
[2:49] China Tracy: yes?
[2:49] China Tracy: who r u?
[2:49] Annabelle Fanshaw: I am a friend, I know Chenin
[2:49] Annabelle's translator: 我的朋友,我知道诗南
[2:50] Annabelle Fanshaw: and he invited me to see this
[2:50] Annabelle's translator: 他邀请我看到这

[2:50] Annabelle Fanshaw: I am also a blogger
[2:50] Annabelle's translator: 我也一个Blogger
[2:50] Annabelle Fanshaw: and started a piece about this project a few weeks ago
[2:50] Annabelle's translator: 并开始一项关于本项目在数星期前
[2:50] Annabelle Fanshaw: I have been tracking it
[2:50] Annabelle's translator: 我一直在跟踪它
[2:51] China Tracy: Good
[2:51] Annabelle's translator: China Tracy: Good
[2:51] Annabelle Fanshaw: So of course I was thrilled when Lovelette called me this morning
[2:51] Annabelle's translator: 因此,我当然非常激动,当lovelette打电话给我,今天上午
[2:51] China Tracy: maybe you with Chenin together to see my NY show before, right?
[2:51] Annabelle's translator: China Tracy: maybe you with Chenin together to see my NY show before, right?
[2:52] Annabelle Fanshaw: unfortunately, I was not aware of it at that point
[2:52] Annabelle's translator: 不幸的是,我不知道它在这一点上
[2:52] Annabelle Fanshaw: I met Chenin at the Virtual Worlds conference in March
[2:52] Annabelle's translator: 我会见了诗南在虚拟世界会议在三月

[2:53] China Tracy: maybe i saw you image from ZAFKA or chenis's flick
[2:53] Annabelle Fanshaw: it's possible- I have stopped by several times
[2:53] Annabelle's translator: 它的可能-我已停止了数倍
[2:53] Annabelle Fanshaw: once I was this close to your av
[2:53] Annabelle's translator: 我曾经是这个贴近您的AV
[2:53] Annabelle Fanshaw: but you were away
[2:53] Annabelle's translator: 但你远离
[2:54] Annabelle Fanshaw: so you didn't know I was there
[2:54] Annabelle's translator: 所以你不知道我是有
[2:54] Annabelle Fanshaw: I waved
[2:54] Annabelle's translator: i挥手致意

[2:55] Annabelle Fanshaw: So are you going to live here too?
[2:55] Annabelle's translator: 因此,你要住在这里,太?
[2:55] China Tracy: here? RMB City you mean?
[2:55] Annabelle's translator: China Tracy: here? RMB City you mean?
[2:56] Annabelle Fanshaw: yes
[2:56] Annabelle's translator: 是
[2:56] China Tracy: yes
[2:56] Annabelle's translator: China Tracy: yes
[2:56] China Tracy: welcome you stay also
[2:56] Annabelle Fanshaw: very good
[2:56] Annabelle's translator: 非常好
[2:56] Annabelle Fanshaw: I will come see you here- but I have another home
[2:56] Annabelle's translator: 我会在这里看到你,但是我还有一个家
[2:57] Annabelle Fanshaw: My own sim
[2:57] Annabelle's translator: 我自己的SIM卡
[2:57] Annabelle Fanshaw: which you are welcome to see anytime
[2:57] Annabelle's translator: 其中,欢迎您随时见
[2:57] Annabelle Fanshaw: I am also under construction
[2:57] Annabelle's translator: 我也正在建设
[2:57] Annabelle Fanshaw: although I don't have so many helpers
[2:57] Annabelle's translator: 虽然我没有这么多的助理

[2:58] Annabelle Fanshaw: What do you think you will do after this?
[2:58] Annabelle's translator: 您怎么看你会做后,这?
[2:59] China Tracy: don't know yet, now it already drive us crazy
[2:59] Annabelle Fanshaw: LOL, I'm sure

[2:59] Annabelle's translator: lol ,我敢肯定,
[2:59] Annabelle Fanshaw: it is very complex
[2:59] Annabelle's translator: 这是非常复杂的
[2:59] China Tracy: no plan is the best plan
[2:59] Annabelle's translator: China Tracy: no plan is the best plan
[2:59] Rodion Resistance: :)
[2:59] Annabelle's translator: Rodion Resistance: :)
[2:59] Annabelle Fanshaw: perhaps so
[2:59] Annabelle's translator: 也许因此,
[2:59] Annabelle Fanshaw: leaves one open to inspiration
[2:59] Annabelle's translator: 叶一开放的启示

[3:00] China Tracy: life always out of plan
[3:00] Annabelle's translator: China Tracy: life always out of plan
[3:01] Annabelle Fanshaw: yes, even though we try to make it in the plan
[3:01] Annabelle's translator: 是的,即使我们试图使它在该计划中
[3:01] Annabelle Fanshaw: it escapes
[3:01] Annabelle's translator: 它越狱
[3:01] Annabelle Fanshaw: China Tracy you make me smile
[3:01] Annabelle's translator: 中国特雷西,你使我的笑容
[3:01] Annabelle Fanshaw: I like your courage and conviction
[3:01] Annabelle's translator: 我喜欢你的勇气和信念
[3:02] China Tracy: thank you:)
[3:02] Annabelle's translator: China Tracy: thank you:)

[3:02] Annabelle Fanshaw: I wish you lots of luck on this one- I know it will be a big success
[3:02] Annabelle's translator: 我祝你很多的运气,这一次我知道这将是一个大获成功
[3:03] Annabelle Fanshaw: Unfortunately, I must get ready for the RL now
[3:03] Annabelle's translator: 不幸的是,我必须作好准备,为研究部主管,现在
[3:04] Annabelle Fanshaw: Ty for having me by the party
[3:04] Annabelle's translator: 性因我受党的
[3:04] Annabelle Fanshaw: ty everyone!
[3:04] Annabelle's translator: 性大家!
[3:04] China Tracy: OK
[3:04] Annabelle's translator: China Tracy: OK
[3:04] Annabelle Fanshaw: Enjoy yourselves
[3:04] Annabelle's translator: 享受自己
[3:04] China Tracy: haha, i like the translate
[3:05] China Tracy: "sex everybody" in chinese
[3:05] Annabelle's translator: China Tracy: "sex everybody" in chinese
[3:05] China Tracy: your auto translator
[3:05] Annabelle's translator: China Tracy: your auto translator
[3:05] Annabelle Fanshaw: I'm sure my translator is not aware of it's mistakes
[3:05] Annabelle's translator: 我敢肯定,我的翻译是不知道它的错误
[3:05] Annabelle Fanshaw: my apologies for any offence
[3:05] Annabelle's translator: 我道歉的任何罪行
[3:05] Lovelette Yifu: hehehe
[3:05] Annabelle's translator: Lovelette Yifu: hehehe
[3:06] Rodion Resistance: hahaha
[3:06] Annabelle's translator: Rodion Resistance: hahaha
[3:06] Annabelle Fanshaw: but it is also funny some times
[3:06] Annabelle's translator: 但是,这也是一些有趣的时代
[3:06] Rodion Resistance: that was hilarious
[3:06] Annabelle Fanshaw: glad you all liked it
[3:06] Annabelle's translator: 很高兴大家都喜欢
[3:06] China Tracy: yes
[3:06] Annabelle's translator: China Tracy: yes
[3:06] China Tracy: i like the mistake
[3:06] Annabelle's translator: China Tracy: i like the mistake
[3:06] Rodion Resistance: hahaha
[3:06] Annabelle's translator: Rodion Resistance: hahaha
[3:06] Annabelle Fanshaw: life has no plans
[3:06] Annabelle's translator: 生活并没有计划
[3:06] Lovelette Yifu: hahahah
[3:06] Annabelle's translator: Lovelette Yifu: hahahah
[3:07] Annabelle Fanshaw: and neither does my translator
[3:07] Annabelle's translator: 也没有我的翻译

Here is Avatrian's Flickr site for loads more pix.
And in another part of Second Life- the temporary city of Burning Life is starting to rise from the hard pan...Poulet Koenkamp LMed me over to see her build- that's me on the top of her enormous pool table, and looking around, I think I see next weeks blog...

so until then Dear Reader, stay safe be happy, enjoy both lives...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Snap Snap- Pix from the Big Bash

What can I say? We all had a great time! Special thanks to Leanne, Josey, Rommie,
Trishda, and PhoebeAnn for bringing their music and entertaining us all. And special thanks to Maddy who helped me set up for this.