Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lights, Camera, Action....

We have made a machinima starring Fricker Fracker, Dimitri Illinois, and
featuring Sundial at it's best- Enjoy!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Think Pink...

Greetings again- Dear Reader-
Chip is away this week- a short trip to Aruba to visit his
cousin, Alphonse.
So while the horse is away- the rider will play!
This is Photon Pink's domain- castle and environs on an open sim
space in Second Life- Sort of Willie Wonka (the Gene Wilder one)
meets the Yellow Submarine, and some extra special particle stuff
thrown in...
This is Photon Pink- part mad scientist, part pixie...
She took me on the deluxe tour of sim, there are 2 trails- one jungle and one coastal..both leading off from the teleport landing pad... there are many sights to see, I only have time to mention a few of them- Here a crystal cave..
and on the coastal tour, an Octopus' garden- How lovely!
And over here in the tidal pool some rather pointed remarks were made about the urchins...
And of course, no mad scientist is complete without a secret arsenal- Behold, the bubble gun- looks innocent enough- doesn't it?

But somehow I ended up in a bottle- the notorious bottle gun- strkes again!

and the magic settles in for another night- just a touch of fairy dust left on my shoes...
Have a lovely- dear Reader- I will be back from time to time with these notes from our virtual worlds- Best, Annabelle

Monday, December 1, 2008

A night at the Theatre

Greetings again, Dear Reader-
This week we had a night at the Theatre- Up at the Hypercube in the NMC Arts Lab.
The show is called "The Rings", and it's a creation of the C.A.R.P. group- the Cybernetic Art Research Project. This collection of international artist have collaborated to present this musical extravaganza- yes, that's the only word for it- Performance spaces always have a quiet anticipation to them- don't they? Make sure to get there early for a good seat! And tune in the new camera system, which switches the views around for you- How civilized!
The show is off to a grand start with many intense scenic changes and costumes-
The costumes and dancing are spectacular.
And as an audience member, you are surrounded by the experience.
Incredibly talented and dedicated people here.
Deacon was impressed by the love and care that went into this production.

And don't forget- 2nd Live opens today- Come and see Reflexive Architecture- and interact with a building- Until next post- Dear Reader- Enjoy your first and second lives!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Key to it all...

Greetings Dear Reader- It's been a big week for Chip and I- a most exciting week.
Keystone Bouchard- yes, THE Keystone Bouchard, invited me to contribute to his
latest commission..
It is an installation of his reflexive architecture for the Exeter Phoenix group on their 2nd Live Island, and is called Scratch 3.
Here is the link to their website..http://www.2ndlive.org/scratch/3-brouchoud.html
Keystone asked me to create some trees and landscaping that would respond to the presence of people (well, you know, our avatars, really).
With the able help of Vicki Brandenburg, we created 2 new species- the hornbeam and the horse chestnut (Chip's favorite).
We also adapted some of our favorite veg- the paper birches, and our shrubbery to respond too-
How lucky we are to have an accessible 3d world that we can create together.

Keystone's work is evocative,emotive and excellent- is speaks to artist and architect alike- and suggests that they each consider the possibilities of what their creations could be.

So pop over to the 2nd Live sim and take a stroll- bring all of your friends and see how Keystone's building responds to a crowd...not in ways you would expect, but I shall not reveal everything- just go and visit, and see for yourself.

It waits for you...

And, for those of you who want to move to another planet- your model apartment is ready for viewing at Mongo- Check it out- all the modern conveniences- a fireplace that turns into a fountain, big screen tv for Mongo cable, and touch activated furniture... the modern bachelor/bachelorette pad...

Until next week, Dear Reader- I'm going to take a short nap-

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Pluto Rocks Hard

Hello Dear Reader-
Back again with reports of some hard rockin going on in SL-
Is your dream to be the lead in a Rock n' roll band?
Up front- strat in hand? Watching the groupies swoon?
Join the club- it's a large one ;-)

So, meet Pluto Fairey-
Several times a week, she puts on the avatar of a rock and roller and performs for the Fallon Group. They have tribute concerts for just about every band you can imagine...

I caught up with them at Wild Hogs- doing Pink Floyd....

Of course- I get to meet the star of the show- having that all access pass- LOL

And then there are the celebrity visits to my sim- Trees- Hi there Mick- want to borrow a sweater?

And of course the band "3 doors down" brings out the eye candy...reason enough to attend one of these well produced concerts.

Pluto has the drums well in hand- as they rumble through the repertoire..

Drawoh Giano as Angus Young is here.
And of course I got thrown off the stage for this stunt- Damn groupies!!!

Vicki Brandenburg seems to enjoy a bit of AC/DC...

Rock on Pluto!

You can find the schedule and group info for these concerts in world at-
Fallon Fans Concert Fans- Bobby Fallon is the founder

And have a lovely- Dear Reader!

Hugs and a big soft nose from Chip-


Sunday, November 2, 2008

My Pretty...

Hello Dear Reader- It's offically time for some FLUFF! You know how it is in Real Life, no need to remind you, and it's been awfully serious in SL too...
Hmmm- remember FUN- Well here is some eyecandy to have fun with-
Hope it makes you smile...

This is Jacquelin Seinsenbacher- "wig maker to the stars"

Can you imagine wearing such a confection of a peruke?
Just visit her store in Caledon, Kleinenschwein Designs and this ship will sail with you...

And speaking of the Sea- a quick trip over to Anne Bonny Cove to check out the Mermaid's carosel that Shanna Sungsoo has built- and you know how I feel about seahorses---

Don't tell Chipper though, he gets a little jealous.

And now for the glitter fest- Planet Mongo, which gets prettier everytime I go by..
and they never have to wash the windows!

Yes, Dear Reader, the rumor is true- LunaRai Gunn and I will be decorating 2 apartments in the Mongo residences- Sort of Buck Rodgers meets Sister Parrish...
Stay tuned! More on that later...