Monday, December 1, 2008

A night at the Theatre

Greetings again, Dear Reader-
This week we had a night at the Theatre- Up at the Hypercube in the NMC Arts Lab.
The show is called "The Rings", and it's a creation of the C.A.R.P. group- the Cybernetic Art Research Project. This collection of international artist have collaborated to present this musical extravaganza- yes, that's the only word for it- Performance spaces always have a quiet anticipation to them- don't they? Make sure to get there early for a good seat! And tune in the new camera system, which switches the views around for you- How civilized!
The show is off to a grand start with many intense scenic changes and costumes-
The costumes and dancing are spectacular.
And as an audience member, you are surrounded by the experience.
Incredibly talented and dedicated people here.
Deacon was impressed by the love and care that went into this production.

And don't forget- 2nd Live opens today- Come and see Reflexive Architecture- and interact with a building- Until next post- Dear Reader- Enjoy your first and second lives!

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