Monday, May 26, 2008

Sometimes things just fall out of the sky!

Hello Dear Reader-
A special treat tonight, and quite unexpected, I might add.
I tp-ed over to Mongo- the new sim being developed by Lumiere Noir. Those of you who have been to the Ivory Tower of Prims will recognise the name, you may even have seen him, decked out in the spy av from Mad magazine's Spy vs. Spy.
Anyway- Come see Mongo! It is a whole sky city built with a wink and a nod towards the old Flash Gordon aesthetic. All that Art Deco! Makes this designer want to swoon...

See it from the air, it is so large that you don't get the effect from just walking on the "ground".
Lovely to behold, and so complex!

There are more prims in each one of these floors than in my whole tier!

It just opened, but soon it will be filled with
Flash Gordon fans, and prim mongers ;-)

An overhead shot! Look at the scale!

Makes me dizzy! In fact, so dizzy that I actually fell off the sky platform it is built on..
a long fall.. arms know you have been there ;-)

And I landed on this desert, and met none other than. Lumiere Noir! creator of the Ivory Tower and prim master. So we struck up a conversation, and he offered to show me a few vehicles that
he has been developing.

This one is known affectionately as the "Vomit Comet", and let me tell you- the RCAF will want one of these!

Several hairpin turns and sonic punches through solid walls later, we returned to the sand dunes.

Here is another one of his crafts-

The classic UFO shape, but fully loaded with
special effects and sounds!

Do you want one? You know you do!

Ok, and now for the submersibles-
Meet the Sea Monkey...

How cute is this?

She is capable of several barrages-of various sorts- and I have never met weaponry with such a sense of humor!

And of course, like all of Lumiere's stuff, there is an autodestruct- just because, well you know
all these things should explode... What an
unexpected treat! I will keep an eye on Mongo as
it develops, and keep you all posted!

Until next week, Dear Readers- Be well, and have lots of fun- don't forget to fall out of ordinary life once in a while- you never know who you will meet down on the bottom ;-)


Monday, May 19, 2008

Bombs away- Flying with the Tiny Air Force of Caledon

Hello Dear Reader-
My post is a bit late this week, too much going on!
And of course, just when I think I have the new house
set- Someone comes along and puts up a lighthouse-
right in my view... So I'm back at moving my house parts
around again...But that's another story- more on that later...
Yes, Dear Reader- It is true- I have joined the Armed Forces
of Caledon. The RCAF to be exact- Royal Caledon Air Force-
Private lowest class Fanshaw reporting to muster- perfectly capable
of serving coffee and doughnuts to the flying aces that make
up this remarkable force.
My first introduction to this was through an interesting blog
called "A Victorian Aesthetic" penned by Edward Pearse.
Go visit it- it's completely full of all kinds of Victoriana, Steam Punk
and general Caledon notes.

Here is the link:

So you can imagine my delight when I discovered that not
only did Caledon have an Air Force, they have an Air Force of
Gives new meaning to the expression

"A mighty flame followeth a tiny spark" Dante Aligheri

Here is where the action is...the Connolly Aerodrome

Leading the " Screaming Tinies" Squadron is Eladrenen "Skeeter" Laval, and she
was kind enough to spare me some time to check out the airfield
and show me around the RCAF airfield and explain what
the procedures are. She also gave me my uniform- so I can
fly as a member- as soon as I learn to fly that is..

Laval explained to me about the various planes they use
and the weapons systems that they carry. Known as the TCS-
or Terra combat System, this allows our aces to duel in the skies
and practice their flying skills in weekend dogfight competitions.

Snark Light Fighters,

Minature Marine Mauraders,

the Edison Tiny Light Swoop,

and her plane- The Cricket.

The classic Air Ace and her plane shot!

And here I am in the new uniform-
quite the dashing figure-

Don't you think?

Ok, preflight checklist done-
It's time to take this craft up ...

And head out over Caledon Sound,
where they practice their aerial

I think I left my stomach over there-
on that last hairpin turn...

Time to buzz the blimp!

And we flew so far that we passed through several SL time zones, before landing
smooth as silk at the Connolly Aerodrome

I'll be back to dogfight with the tinys...

That's it for this week. Until we catch up
again- Enjoy your Second Life.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Catch of the Day- the lovely Mer

Greetings dear reader- welcome back for another snippet of my life in our Second Life. Chip is staying home this week- he is not much of a swimmer. But to keep the horse theme here- I am going to visit the Mer folk, as this crusty old seahorse- complete with babies, and a sex change I guess! Ah, the life of the sexually ambivalent- Welcome to SL....

We will meet the Mer folk in a minute- but first a stop at Sirens- to see all the options- oh my head is swimming- Many of these outfits were designed by one of the Mermaids we will meet- Shanna Sungsoo- who keeps a large estate at the Anne Bonny Cove. Need to get your pirate on- go there, it has it all..

And as I was leaving- a rare Merman sighting- sigh!, wish more guys would wear these avs

Must be something about the fins, but this seahorse finds it attractive...

Now, if you dive into the Kelp and Karaoke Lounge, on Private Blake, you can sign in the lounge, and even rent a nice little Mermaid house- complete with central bubbles...

And over in Zip Tripsa in Gorlen Bay- my two favorite things together- swimming, and underwater ruins.

Ah, now I understand how they pay for it all- these Mermaids are decked-

an undersea cotillion and the Easter Parade all floating right in front of you..

Land side, on her island- Boston Light at Boston Harbor Light- (Go Sox!)

Mindy Princess has a lovely garden, and the harp is just the right thing to make

it all go along swimmingly- ask her for the tour sometime...especially if you cannot

get to the beach easily

And speaking of well dressed Mermaids- check out this tail! She only spoke the

German dialect of Mer, so we just waved- how lovely!

And here is Shanna Sungsoo, herself- wearing a lovely ensemble complete with companion

fish- She obviously loves to design and it shows in her creations...

And one final- very special Mermaid- Luna Rai Gunn. One of the few steampunk mermaids in Second Life- usually seen cavorting around in Babbage. Speaking for myself, I love when we get this cross pollination in Second Life- and cannot wait to discover more of it.

And what's this? Well, dear reader, as you may have surmised, next week, we talk to the tinies (are you supposed to capitalize that? or is lower case the right way to go?) and here I am in my new pink leopard av- and I tell you, I have never looked so cute in my life! and (Spoiler here)
the structures behind and below me are the beginnings of my new home in SL- Sea Drift- you all will be invited to the house warming...later on this summer.
Enjoy your week- be safe and have fun! xoxox Annabelle

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Hey! What happens if I touch this?

Hello Dear Reader,

As I mentioned last week, I wanted to show you all some hidden places in SL- not entered into easily, and sometimes surprisingly alien to the place you just were. For example- this nasty place- who was the decorator? Mephisto Volcanito? Whew- is it hot in here? or just me? Actually, it is the combat role play area under the lovely green glades of Avilion....

I have just come through that mirror on the left, after touching the mirror above ground...

here...who knew that this lovely mirror would take you to such a nasty place??? who knows why I touch mirrors????

Ok, here we are at another mirror in Avilion-
Chip is telling me not to touch it- but well, who listens to horse sense?

Ding! we arrive in another secret place...

the ice caves of Avilion, and we took a swan boat ride! Don't think the swan was too happy about
the weight- we capsized at the other side...
right to the bottom like a stone with all of that armor on...

So what do you get when you enter "Hidden Place" into the search tab- why a hidden place complete with teleportation

Actually, this was recommended by Wandering Tomorrow-
who keeps the secret of it's location.

and here in the secret Hidden Place- a nifty night club.

Our next spot is in Svarga- and if you haven't been there, Dear reader, you haven't seen
one of the most facinating regions in SL.
But did you know that there is another region
800 meters above it? Yes, the Ambipod waits for you, all you lovers of the psychadelic. Head to the landing pad, call the hover craft and launch your self up there...

and viola! a music and light filled Experience- just lie on the floor and decompress!

Thanks for showing this to me- Rexington!

Popular with all folks- even the tinies!
Hi Betty, Hi Xerxes- see you guys in the
tiny land in a few weeks...

And now- an unexpected event in one of my favorite haunts- the Teahouse in Fate gardens-

I'm just coming back from visiting the Mer folk, all wrapped up in my Seahorse Av, and whoa!
it's black box city- scary!, but also kind of cool too. Like RL, SL has it's dissention...

So, my dear reader, I have come to the end of this weeks post- Next week, treasures in store!
Meet the Mer folk...