Monday, May 19, 2008

Bombs away- Flying with the Tiny Air Force of Caledon

Hello Dear Reader-
My post is a bit late this week, too much going on!
And of course, just when I think I have the new house
set- Someone comes along and puts up a lighthouse-
right in my view... So I'm back at moving my house parts
around again...But that's another story- more on that later...
Yes, Dear Reader- It is true- I have joined the Armed Forces
of Caledon. The RCAF to be exact- Royal Caledon Air Force-
Private lowest class Fanshaw reporting to muster- perfectly capable
of serving coffee and doughnuts to the flying aces that make
up this remarkable force.
My first introduction to this was through an interesting blog
called "A Victorian Aesthetic" penned by Edward Pearse.
Go visit it- it's completely full of all kinds of Victoriana, Steam Punk
and general Caledon notes.

Here is the link:

So you can imagine my delight when I discovered that not
only did Caledon have an Air Force, they have an Air Force of
Gives new meaning to the expression

"A mighty flame followeth a tiny spark" Dante Aligheri

Here is where the action is...the Connolly Aerodrome

Leading the " Screaming Tinies" Squadron is Eladrenen "Skeeter" Laval, and she
was kind enough to spare me some time to check out the airfield
and show me around the RCAF airfield and explain what
the procedures are. She also gave me my uniform- so I can
fly as a member- as soon as I learn to fly that is..

Laval explained to me about the various planes they use
and the weapons systems that they carry. Known as the TCS-
or Terra combat System, this allows our aces to duel in the skies
and practice their flying skills in weekend dogfight competitions.

Snark Light Fighters,

Minature Marine Mauraders,

the Edison Tiny Light Swoop,

and her plane- The Cricket.

The classic Air Ace and her plane shot!

And here I am in the new uniform-
quite the dashing figure-

Don't you think?

Ok, preflight checklist done-
It's time to take this craft up ...

And head out over Caledon Sound,
where they practice their aerial

I think I left my stomach over there-
on that last hairpin turn...

Time to buzz the blimp!

And we flew so far that we passed through several SL time zones, before landing
smooth as silk at the Connolly Aerodrome

I'll be back to dogfight with the tinys...

That's it for this week. Until we catch up
again- Enjoy your Second Life.

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Eladrienne Laval said...

What fun!! Great photos! Feel free to come by and fly anytime. And trust me, ALL of us have crashed more times than we can count so you'll do fine!