Monday, May 26, 2008

Sometimes things just fall out of the sky!

Hello Dear Reader-
A special treat tonight, and quite unexpected, I might add.
I tp-ed over to Mongo- the new sim being developed by Lumiere Noir. Those of you who have been to the Ivory Tower of Prims will recognise the name, you may even have seen him, decked out in the spy av from Mad magazine's Spy vs. Spy.
Anyway- Come see Mongo! It is a whole sky city built with a wink and a nod towards the old Flash Gordon aesthetic. All that Art Deco! Makes this designer want to swoon...

See it from the air, it is so large that you don't get the effect from just walking on the "ground".
Lovely to behold, and so complex!

There are more prims in each one of these floors than in my whole tier!

It just opened, but soon it will be filled with
Flash Gordon fans, and prim mongers ;-)

An overhead shot! Look at the scale!

Makes me dizzy! In fact, so dizzy that I actually fell off the sky platform it is built on..
a long fall.. arms know you have been there ;-)

And I landed on this desert, and met none other than. Lumiere Noir! creator of the Ivory Tower and prim master. So we struck up a conversation, and he offered to show me a few vehicles that
he has been developing.

This one is known affectionately as the "Vomit Comet", and let me tell you- the RCAF will want one of these!

Several hairpin turns and sonic punches through solid walls later, we returned to the sand dunes.

Here is another one of his crafts-

The classic UFO shape, but fully loaded with
special effects and sounds!

Do you want one? You know you do!

Ok, and now for the submersibles-
Meet the Sea Monkey...

How cute is this?

She is capable of several barrages-of various sorts- and I have never met weaponry with such a sense of humor!

And of course, like all of Lumiere's stuff, there is an autodestruct- just because, well you know
all these things should explode... What an
unexpected treat! I will keep an eye on Mongo as
it develops, and keep you all posted!

Until next week, Dear Readers- Be well, and have lots of fun- don't forget to fall out of ordinary life once in a while- you never know who you will meet down on the bottom ;-)


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