Sunday, May 4, 2008

Hey! What happens if I touch this?

Hello Dear Reader,

As I mentioned last week, I wanted to show you all some hidden places in SL- not entered into easily, and sometimes surprisingly alien to the place you just were. For example- this nasty place- who was the decorator? Mephisto Volcanito? Whew- is it hot in here? or just me? Actually, it is the combat role play area under the lovely green glades of Avilion....

I have just come through that mirror on the left, after touching the mirror above ground...

here...who knew that this lovely mirror would take you to such a nasty place??? who knows why I touch mirrors????

Ok, here we are at another mirror in Avilion-
Chip is telling me not to touch it- but well, who listens to horse sense?

Ding! we arrive in another secret place...

the ice caves of Avilion, and we took a swan boat ride! Don't think the swan was too happy about
the weight- we capsized at the other side...
right to the bottom like a stone with all of that armor on...

So what do you get when you enter "Hidden Place" into the search tab- why a hidden place complete with teleportation

Actually, this was recommended by Wandering Tomorrow-
who keeps the secret of it's location.

and here in the secret Hidden Place- a nifty night club.

Our next spot is in Svarga- and if you haven't been there, Dear reader, you haven't seen
one of the most facinating regions in SL.
But did you know that there is another region
800 meters above it? Yes, the Ambipod waits for you, all you lovers of the psychadelic. Head to the landing pad, call the hover craft and launch your self up there...

and viola! a music and light filled Experience- just lie on the floor and decompress!

Thanks for showing this to me- Rexington!

Popular with all folks- even the tinies!
Hi Betty, Hi Xerxes- see you guys in the
tiny land in a few weeks...

And now- an unexpected event in one of my favorite haunts- the Teahouse in Fate gardens-

I'm just coming back from visiting the Mer folk, all wrapped up in my Seahorse Av, and whoa!
it's black box city- scary!, but also kind of cool too. Like RL, SL has it's dissention...

So, my dear reader, I have come to the end of this weeks post- Next week, treasures in store!
Meet the Mer folk...

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