Sunday, May 11, 2008

Catch of the Day- the lovely Mer

Greetings dear reader- welcome back for another snippet of my life in our Second Life. Chip is staying home this week- he is not much of a swimmer. But to keep the horse theme here- I am going to visit the Mer folk, as this crusty old seahorse- complete with babies, and a sex change I guess! Ah, the life of the sexually ambivalent- Welcome to SL....

We will meet the Mer folk in a minute- but first a stop at Sirens- to see all the options- oh my head is swimming- Many of these outfits were designed by one of the Mermaids we will meet- Shanna Sungsoo- who keeps a large estate at the Anne Bonny Cove. Need to get your pirate on- go there, it has it all..

And as I was leaving- a rare Merman sighting- sigh!, wish more guys would wear these avs

Must be something about the fins, but this seahorse finds it attractive...

Now, if you dive into the Kelp and Karaoke Lounge, on Private Blake, you can sign in the lounge, and even rent a nice little Mermaid house- complete with central bubbles...

And over in Zip Tripsa in Gorlen Bay- my two favorite things together- swimming, and underwater ruins.

Ah, now I understand how they pay for it all- these Mermaids are decked-

an undersea cotillion and the Easter Parade all floating right in front of you..

Land side, on her island- Boston Light at Boston Harbor Light- (Go Sox!)

Mindy Princess has a lovely garden, and the harp is just the right thing to make

it all go along swimmingly- ask her for the tour sometime...especially if you cannot

get to the beach easily

And speaking of well dressed Mermaids- check out this tail! She only spoke the

German dialect of Mer, so we just waved- how lovely!

And here is Shanna Sungsoo, herself- wearing a lovely ensemble complete with companion

fish- She obviously loves to design and it shows in her creations...

And one final- very special Mermaid- Luna Rai Gunn. One of the few steampunk mermaids in Second Life- usually seen cavorting around in Babbage. Speaking for myself, I love when we get this cross pollination in Second Life- and cannot wait to discover more of it.

And what's this? Well, dear reader, as you may have surmised, next week, we talk to the tinies (are you supposed to capitalize that? or is lower case the right way to go?) and here I am in my new pink leopard av- and I tell you, I have never looked so cute in my life! and (Spoiler here)
the structures behind and below me are the beginnings of my new home in SL- Sea Drift- you all will be invited to the house warming...later on this summer.
Enjoy your week- be safe and have fun! xoxox Annabelle

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