Saturday, April 26, 2008

Does Bad still mean Good?

Hello Dear Reader,

Welcome back to my blogspot. This week I promised you a blog about "bad neighborhoods" and I don't mean something next to a strip mall- strip club maybe...

But to do this post, I was advised to take another meaner looking guise, maybe a bouncer or tough guy type. So I tried a few of these skins on- (I shall spare you the visuals) and let me tell you, nothing is more ridiculous that a thug named Annabelle. That just like I was asking for a beating. So I opted for an animal form, and the folks at the Werehouse provided me with a lovely wolf avatar.Chip is a bit miffed that I didn't get him something, but he's getting a big present for his birthday (Shhh! don't tell him).

So off I went, without Chip this time, into the worst of SL.

First stop- The Crack Den- a role play sim based on New Orleans- post Katrina I assume- and teaming with some not so nice peeps.

These ladies thought of kicking me in the ribs (strange, how in rp, you get a third person narrative in the chat box) but opted to flick

the cigarette at me. Nice. I opted to stay in my role as a wolf, and snarled and growled back at them. Just another exchange of
pleasantries in Crack Den. But just when you think things are really nasty, a little bit of whimsy. Who would have expected a pink flamingo in the front lawn, in this place?

Well, so long Crack Den- Hello Toxic Gardens!

Whew! I could smell this place a mile away... Just goes to show you what a little uncontrolled chemical experimentation can lead to...

Is that the Statue of Liberty, in the weeds?

Next! Toxian City- another rp sim, and this fellow had the winning name. Meet Restroom Chemistry- everyone.

Ok, la pièce de résistance- Midian. They definitely get the prize for best design. This sim is on a Blade Runner level of detail, and the avs are right in tune with it.

Here are some street shots just to show off their great work.

Thanks to Deacon for pointing me over to this one.

Whew, I'm exhausted! More next week, Dear Reader

when I show some of the hidden and surprising

places I have found-

Like this one in Avilion

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