Friday, April 11, 2008

The Well Appointed Werewolf

Welcome dear reader- Today I am going to talk about
the lifestyle of one very well appointed Werewolf-
so pardon me while I channel my inner Robin Leech...
This is Layton's house, while still a work in progress, as you
can see it's quite well along, and quite beautiful.
Let's start in the garden and take a look around.

Dragonflies dart over ponds, swans swim, and flowers bloom.

Waterfalls splash

Quite lovely from every angle, as you can see.

And how do we get around? By wormhole of course!

Up in the tower- Bachelor Werewolf elegance!
and you though the Vampires had all the taste.

Fish tanks and fountains- lots of steampunk touches.

A player grand piano- Butterflies hovering over it.

And it doesn't take much of a
request to see Layton's avatar collection-

And as you can see, inspired by my host's environment-
I have changed my costume to the dark elegance
of the steampunk aesthetic.

First one av

Then another- an old favorite- - Bravo Layton!

Time to fly- on my new hoverboard- Chip

is not amused....

Shape shifters continued in my next post-
Hanging with some friends at Grendel's canyons, and showing off the avs.

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