Saturday, April 19, 2008

Twilight Amos- Avatar of a 1000 faces

Hello Dear Reader-

Remember Twilight Amos, the large red dragon I met just after Gynna was hatched? She is something special to show us today- her avatar collection..And although I don't have the space to show them all to you (she has over 150) we will get a good sampling of the forms she has appeared in to me over the last few weeks.

Rainbow pegasus ponies- anyone?

Here, Twilight and I are visiting
the canyons of Grendel's to hang with some friends...

And because they can- Twilight and Tcille are taking a more aquatic form, and showing off the jumps...

Later on that afternoon, joined by Dreamer, and our hyena friend
we settled down for a chat.

A few weeks later, I contacted Twilight and asked for a photo session. Here she is showing off her rainbow bubble breath. What kind of rocks do dragons eat to make that do you suppose?

Oh, and now butterflies- "Twilight, that tickles!"

And now, an elegant feathered serpent- Quezacoatl, I believe.

And here, as a snow leopard- with her "boys" the 3 drakeletsthat she has hatched. How did you get the egg holder to stay on those leopard sholders?

And in the form that she admits is her "closest to human" Twilight is a lovely leopard lady, "nice avs, Twi!"

Uh-oh, this one means business! Nasty basilisk, wouldn't want to run into her on the other side of bargain table at Loeman's.

And this one reminds me of my 5th grade teacher- Brrrr!
She still scares me!

For the literary avatar! a flying book- light reading I resume?

And the mythical Gryphon...

Whew! all that shape shifting has made me tired.
Let's settle in and watch the fireworks over the beach...

Bye for now, dear readers, next time- dangerous neighborhoods!

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