Saturday, April 5, 2008

How to hatch a Drakelet- Part 2

When last we left our hero...well, me anyway, I had just spotted a big double nest, in the cliffs below Grendel's Children...
At last!
I zoom over, and discover that I am not alone in my cliff side search. In fact, there are 2 lovely ladies waiting around the nest. Unfortunately, our conversation was limited as their native tongue was Japanese, and the translator is somewhat ineffectual for casual small talk.

So I settle in to wait, hoping for some sign of life from these eggs- 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes- nothing, and it's awfully quiet around here, just the sounds of birds in the distance.

Hi ladies- How about those Red Sox? Do you like Dice-K?

One of the ladies- bails out- so it just me and Nagaru, who rocks back and forth slowly. I'm not so sure that this is for real...

I'm having my doubts.

But it must work, because Nagaru has a ghost drakelet on her shoulder,
so what am I lacking here?

What a beautiful cloud drakelet, she is showing us that their appearance reflects the location of the egg's hatching location. This ones nest is located somewhere in the clouds above.

Finally, I get some answers from Jitterbug- here on the deck of a ship she is hatching her 19th dragon, so we can assume that she is some expert on the matter. A few questions, and she tells me about where to find the egg carrier, which one must carry to the nests. Aha! now I am in business.

So off I go, back to the double nest, with my egg carrier, but not my hair as the two things don't seem to co-exist in SL.

And now, I get signs of life, and my egg starts to develop into a drakelet. It slowly disappears, and eventually the drakelet is added to my inventory- same place where Chip sleeps.

And here is a picture of the three of us, together for the first time...Chip, Gynna, and me.

Next post, dear reader I'll introduce you to 2 avatar collectors-
Layton, and Twilight- they are the shape shifters of SL- until then, happy days!

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