Monday, June 9, 2008

Lifestyles of the Not so Rich....but famously happy

Greetings Dear Reader-
Rumors of my early demise have been greatly exaggerated...
In fact I'm alive and kickin' and just getting the "take a deep
breath" part of my build at Sea Drift- my mini estate in SL.
Part vacation home, part club house, this is my online portfolio as well.
So let me show you around...
Here is the wide wide wide shot, so you can see the coast line of Impish Glee- a PG Sim- so keep your clothes on!
As you can see there are 3 main rooms over looking the ocean- let's start at the lowest
and work our way "up the hill"

Here is the sitting room, my most public of rooms- were we can sit and chat, read the
tour guide of SL's greatest builds, and check out the featured artist of the month, over here on the easle.
And on this side, are the teleporter buttons- just touch and go to any level on the complex, even across sims to my other property, but more on that later ;-)
On to the dining room- Poof! and here we are.
A more formal meeting place- for those sit down meetings, and light SL dinners.
Also the best place to watch sky from- beautiful isn't it.

Alright, up to the Study or Library- the top level in this complex. As you can see, I have a wall with pictures of my av pals on the wall, and on the table, my portfolio book for all to peruse.

A great place to watch the sunset from.
So, studying done? Time for some fun- down under the sea kind of fun-
To the Bubble Room! Just look for the fish button on the wall...
Here we are, inside Sea Drift's aquarium for people- so the fish can watch us!

In the center bubble, a place to hang, and chat-
And on the ends, we have tanks with my favorite fishy friends- I'm telling you this place is a Mer magnet! I'm thinking of putting pose balls for them on the rocks up top- a mermaid needs someplace to comb her hair!

And last but not least- still under construction
the Aerial Garden- 250 m in the air, and one sim over- thank goodness for teleporters!
As you can see, it is a pocket sized park- stay tuned, I have some interesting plans for this area....

That's it for this week, next week, I hope to see you again, here reading about my adventures in SL- And stop by Sea Drift- it's open to the public, and if I am there, you get the 2$L tour!

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