Saturday, June 21, 2008

It's Elementary- this is Exceptional.

Hello Dear Reader,

This week I have something a little better than special for you.

Meet Red Randt- Artist, Designer, Builder and Bon Vivant ;-)

Not often seen in human av, here are some samples

of his av designs for Planet Mongo

(Mongo World Domination Outpost 9, Planet Mongo (31,128,353)
And another for one of our many festivals- pumpkin pants-
never should have gone out of style...

Now, Red has made some amazing avs, but it doesn't just
stop there. Like many of us, it was an instant attraction
to the world of SL, that brought him here. Rez day 8/11/2007.
And the exploration and progression began-
First build, a hat! straw skimmer- very jaunty...
And then not finding what he liked in terms of furniture
he began to build his own.
Now he has a new shop in Mongo-

Just look for the big sign, can't miss it!

And come by to check out Red's collection.
Just up the stairs, and

Past the cookie jar...

His shop has lots of Victorian Furniture, and
a special section devoted to 21 Baker Street-
the abode of Mr. Sherlock Holmes...

And for all of you Victorian Science fans...
Some very lovely microscopes.

Screens, and chaises abound-

Bookcases too..

And make sure to ask him about his art, sculptures and
bas reliefs..

Spectacular, isn't it?

And a comment on the surreality of SL, through
the surrealism of RL...

And outside he can rezz up for you some
of his larger works- Monuments to
imaginary titans- as if SL was created in
the Victorian era...Does the city council
of Victoria, Caledon know about these?

And just when you cannot pull your
jaw up any more, Red will calmly
inform you that these are all made
from prims- not a sculptie in sight-
He contends that you can do more with
them than you can possibly imagine...
Keep imagining, Red- We love it!

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Lumiere Noir said...

Thanks for the wonderful post. Red is one of the best and most talented builders I know in Second Life, he doesn't get nearly the recognition his work deserves and I'm so delighted to see this piece.

Thank you very much indeed Annabelle!

Lumiere Noir