Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Key to it all...

Greetings Dear Reader- It's been a big week for Chip and I- a most exciting week.
Keystone Bouchard- yes, THE Keystone Bouchard, invited me to contribute to his
latest commission..
It is an installation of his reflexive architecture for the Exeter Phoenix group on their 2nd Live Island, and is called Scratch 3.
Here is the link to their website..
Keystone asked me to create some trees and landscaping that would respond to the presence of people (well, you know, our avatars, really).
With the able help of Vicki Brandenburg, we created 2 new species- the hornbeam and the horse chestnut (Chip's favorite).
We also adapted some of our favorite veg- the paper birches, and our shrubbery to respond too-
How lucky we are to have an accessible 3d world that we can create together.

Keystone's work is evocative,emotive and excellent- is speaks to artist and architect alike- and suggests that they each consider the possibilities of what their creations could be.

So pop over to the 2nd Live sim and take a stroll- bring all of your friends and see how Keystone's building responds to a crowd...not in ways you would expect, but I shall not reveal everything- just go and visit, and see for yourself.

It waits for you...

And, for those of you who want to move to another planet- your model apartment is ready for viewing at Mongo- Check it out- all the modern conveniences- a fireplace that turns into a fountain, big screen tv for Mongo cable, and touch activated furniture... the modern bachelor/bachelorette pad...

Until next week, Dear Reader- I'm going to take a short nap-

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