Sunday, December 14, 2008

Think Pink...

Greetings again- Dear Reader-
Chip is away this week- a short trip to Aruba to visit his
cousin, Alphonse.
So while the horse is away- the rider will play!
This is Photon Pink's domain- castle and environs on an open sim
space in Second Life- Sort of Willie Wonka (the Gene Wilder one)
meets the Yellow Submarine, and some extra special particle stuff
thrown in...
This is Photon Pink- part mad scientist, part pixie...
She took me on the deluxe tour of sim, there are 2 trails- one jungle and one coastal..both leading off from the teleport landing pad... there are many sights to see, I only have time to mention a few of them- Here a crystal cave..
and on the coastal tour, an Octopus' garden- How lovely!
And over here in the tidal pool some rather pointed remarks were made about the urchins...
And of course, no mad scientist is complete without a secret arsenal- Behold, the bubble gun- looks innocent enough- doesn't it?

But somehow I ended up in a bottle- the notorious bottle gun- strkes again!

and the magic settles in for another night- just a touch of fairy dust left on my shoes...
Have a lovely- dear Reader- I will be back from time to time with these notes from our virtual worlds- Best, Annabelle

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