Monday, September 22, 2008

Tournicoton, je ne sais quoi...but I like it

Greetings Dear Readers-
Sometimes, well, the interviews just don't come together for the week, and I am left with the fall back plan...enter, the Land Mark cache-Yup, I save them- all!And this morning I was pleasantly rewarded for my packratedness...Welcome!, or should I say "Bienvenue" to Tournicoton- an elegant French Galerie d'artto, and shops for artisans.
Their current exhibits include photography, as well as sculpture and drawings, all with that standard
of elegance the French are known worldwide for.

Typote has some interesting cartoons, as well as some spiffy decor available in his booth.
Fantastic Paintings and sculptures abound,it's a visual feast from one end to the other.

And most interesting, is the display for the E-Troubadours, a traveling band of performers now currently moving through France, just as their ancestors did centuries ago (without the GPS tracking of course). A lovely idea, and fascinating project. Bravo! thanks for celebrating the creative spirit- Tournicoton.

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