Sunday, September 28, 2008

A mere bagatelle, my dear

Greetings Dear Reader- A real mixed bag (or bagatelle, if you prefer)for us this week. I want to show you first, a little experiment I am doing with my class at NYU. Here in Second Life, I have made a virtual model of the same little theatre my students are building in class. As they become more adept at building, my hope is that they will come over to this part of second life, with a theater plan in mind, and use the space to plan their productions- or just hang and chat about them if they wish. I have also invited some of the folks I know in SL, who are producing theate in world, to use this facility for their meetings too.

I kept it in the "plywood" mode because I want the user to feel free to change everything- to build with an open mind- looking at the possibilites that occur as things are constructed.
So go nuts, guys! and don't forget to take your prims when you leave ;-)
OK, for those of you who don't know- SL's answer to Burning Man- know in world as "Burning Life" has started- here is a early shot, I grabbed just as the doors opened last night...Looks like fun, and Typote and I are planning an excursion over this week, so stay tuned...many more pix to come.
And finally, I leave you with some shots from Sundial, my new sim. It is a portfolio piece first, and a tree shop will be there in a few weeks. come by, bring your horse and a picnic lunch!

That's about it for this week, have fun, be safe, laugh hard...Annabelle

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