Sunday, July 27, 2008

Are we there yet? Traveling to other worlds through the OS Grid

Hello Dear Reader, and welcome to another episode of "Av in the City"...
well, not quite, I have journeyed to the Flatiron district in New York City to attend a Metaverse Meetup- officially titled "OpenSim and virtual worlds interoperability".

Think anyone has noticed that I have a suit on today?

At the meeting (left to right in the picture) was Adam Frisby (Adam Zaius in SL) from DeepThink Labs, David Levine (Zha Ewry in SL) from IBM Research, and moderating was Tish Shute who writes about OpenSim on her blog-

In a very small nutshell, OpenSim is the very beginnings of a network or system that will interconnect all the virtual worlds- Imagine- to paraphrase David Levine- going on a quest in WOW, cutting off the dragons head, taking that head over to your favorite bar in Second Life to show your friends, and having a victory dance. The problems, legal and technical, involved in making this data transfer happen, are numerous and complicated- but these guys, and others
have taken on the challenge. And with the Lindens have set up a portal that the folks in Second Life can get too. For details on how to set up your own entrance to the OpenSim go here-

Here is Adam watching someone port into Wright Plaza, one of the entry points in the burgeoning collection of worlds here.

And here I am, just ported in. Note to visiting fashionistas-
you don't get to bring your attachments,
just the basic hair and clothes will appear.

They provide instructions for getting around.

And sandboxes for the building types.

And interesting movie kiosks- nicely done!

It's a whole 'nother universe- and it's just starting to open-
go visit!


Anonymous said...

ok Annabelle, now i am sure you work for Secondlife. ;)
Since the first day i tought you was a "Linden"...
Nice Town NY

Annabelle Fanshaw said...

Dear Anonymous- Unfortunately, I am not lucky enough to work for Linden Labs, maybe someday if it is in the