Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hey, get that horse off my lawn! Secret places to ride in Second Life

Greetings Dear Reader, and welcome back!
Today's post is a joint effort between woman and horse-
Chip poured through the Search so he could showcase
some of the exciting places to ride in SL-
(just between you and me, I think he did it extricate me
from the workshop and out for some more rides)

So, in no particular order are some of his favorite places...

Ah, the lovely harshness of the Forest of Kahruvel
(in the Rodeo Sim (97,127,58)
A fair amount of high range riding here, be prepared to do some flying too.
One of my personal faves- the canyon land under Grendles
Avaria Kro (36,196,61)
There be dragons here, and the occasional space ship ;-)

Here in Ilanril, *AE Industries* has set it all up for horseback riding-
it's just lovely! Ilandril (149,239,78)

Ok, now for those of you who really like to travel...
On the ground at Planet Mongo- Red Randt and Lumiere Noir are
terraforming a new place that should offer some very interesting riding-
while you look for the ruins of the Mongo Empire...
And as pretty as any Monet painting- be sure and visit Provence- if
you don't have a horse, you can also take a carriage ride here. Just lovely,
don't you think? Ville Est,Provence Coeur (130,206,33)
And finally- for those who want to do a little exhibit viewing while they ride-
Science Friday has some wide open land, which abuts the NASA exhibit, and
and Space Island (See the Leviathan!) Science Friday (53,157,34), and Leviathan
on Space Island (128,15,33)
All of these places get 4 hoof stamps of approval from you know who-
Until next week, dear reader, Happy trails!
Annabelle (and Chip, of course)

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